Joel E. Wood & Associates is qualified as a “Small Business Enterprise” by the City of Charlotte and is eligible for work under the City’s “Small Business Program”. Joel E. Wood & Associates was contracted by Woolpert Consultants to provide construction observation for the Long Creek Parallel Sewer Outfall Line. The project consists of approximately 14,000 linear feet of new 54” gravity sewer line constructed within the Long Creek Drainage Basin. The project is a very complex project that requires a high degree of control to insure compliance with design standards and CMUD’s testing and inspection requirements. A large portion of the project is within wetlands and the permitting is very specific to the construction requirements for repairing and replanting the wetlands. Construction monitoring requires that each joint be pressure tested and that each manhole be vacuum tested.





The Town of Surf City, North Carolina had promised a large national firm that the Town would have 500,000 gallons of elevated storage available by December of 2005. Joel E. Wood & Associates, LLC was commissioned by the Town in March of 2005 to design, permit, bid and supervise construction of the 500,000 gallon elevated tank and to have all work completed by December of 2005. The normal design/construct time table for a tank of this size is eighteen months. The problem was compounded by the fact that the tanks site is within the coastal region of North Carolina with stringent permit requirements. Joel E. Wood & Associates committed the resources and provided the expertise required to design, permit, bid, and administer construction of the tank within the time available to the Town of Surf City.


Tryon Water Plant Rehabilitation


The Town commissioned Joel E. Wood & Associates to evaluate the existing water purification plant and to develop a plan that would address the capital needs for the plant over the next twenty years. The existing water purification facility is a Microfloc “package” water purification plant with a two million gallon per day capacity. The facility began operation in 1988 and has been in operation since that time without any major modifications or upgrades to the facility. Facilities of this type have certain inherent characteristics that present problems in meeting current water quality standards and limit the ability to utilize combined water sources from Lake Lanier and the Town’s mountain water. The flash mix chambers often do not function properly and the overall detention time within the system is very short. Based upon these considerations, design objectives, and the need to utilize alternate water sources, the rehabilitation will consist of the installation of a new flash mixer and flocculator including building equipment and piping. The phased rehabilitation of the existing treatment structure will include installation of new plate settlers, new filter bottom piping, new filter effluent piping and all new controls. These improvements are currently underway.



Joel E. Wood & Associates was commissioned by the City of Kings Mountain to design a gravity sewer collection system and service connections to provide a wastewater collection system for the Galilee Church Road Community in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The project consists of approximately 1,900 linear feet of 8” gravity sewer line, service connections, and appurtenances to provide wastewater service to nine (9) new residential user. The project included design, permitting, easements, easement maps, bidding, and construction inspection services. The project was funded by the Community Development Block Grant Program.

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