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Joel E Wood & Associates is now expanded to include Land Surveying in their everyday schedule.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Culler and I have over 35 years in the surveying industry. I received my professional surveying license in 2011. Our company can provide surveys for real estate closings, subdivided of large tracks, design neighborhood, construction staking, and elevation certificates.


We are currently staking new home construction, Preparing foundation, and as-built surveys. Topographic survey for engineering designs or for stormwater questions. I have had several calls on staking lot lines for property owners that are wanting to have a fence installed. Please give us a call and see if we can help you with any Engineering or land surveying.

Topograpical (Topo)

A topographic survey locates all surface features of a property, and depicts all natural features and elevations. In essence it is a 3-dimensional map of a 3-dimensional property showing all natural and man-made features and improvements. Specifically, it shows their location, size, height and any changes in elevation.


As-built surveys, also commonly referred to as record drawings, provide formal documentation of exactly how a project was installed. They document the actual results of the construction project rather than the planned layout shown in the project design and are critical for project closeout.


A survey done to collect the positional data on a foundation that has been poured and is cured. This is done to ensure that the foundation was constructed in the location authorized in the Plot Plan, Site Plan, or Subdivision Plan.

Property Boundary

A property line survey is a precise measurement of a land's legal boundaries. If a property line survey is not already included with the plat and the property deed, you can hire a professional surveyor to measure where your property ends and your neighbor's begins.


A subdivision survey is a detailed analysis of the exterior boundaries of the land parcel you plan to divide. A subdivision survey is then followed by a topographic survey along with subdivision design and layout of the interior of the tract.

Fence Lines

Fence survey includes important information, like official property measurements, the description of any buildings or structures within the property boundaries, and the presence of any existing easements.


An American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey provides a lender and/or title company with required survey data to deliver an ALTA insurance policy. An ALTA survey is commonly done before purchasing a piece of property or investing in a new home.

Mortgage Survey

Similar to an ALTA survey, a mortgage survey is used when purchasing a home or piece of property. It verifies structures on the property, land and property title owners, and that the property meets all building and zoning codes before the purchase is made.

New Construction

A new construction survey is necessary before establishing structures on a parcel of land, including roads, utilities and buildings. This type of survey utilizes both vertical and horizontal grading.


Vertical positions are verified by differences in elevations in comparison to a specific location on the property, which is known as the benchmark. Horizontal positions are determined by distances between structures.

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